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Current Projects

Project What We’ve Done What’s Left to Do
Kitchen New floor, new walls, new pantry, new appliances, new cabinets Light fixtures, ceiling, island (almost complete)
Basement bedroom Framing, half the drywall, prepped the electrical Complete drywall, electrical, add shelves to closet, carpet
Recreation room Stripped paneling, partial drywall Add electrical outlets, ceiling, complete drywall, add base cabinets and bookshelves
Music Room Partial framing Complete framing, drywall, electrical, carpet, ceiling
Yard Tree Removal, Hostas, Lilac Bush/tree removal and pruning, clean up roof, attract birds, vegetable garden, fire pit, rain barrel Enlarge vegetable garden, plant shade garden, remove chain link fence, install privacy fence, widen driveway, add porch (with swing)