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2014 was a busy year of home design for the TyandNat’s. While this website remains very much a work-in-progress we have now told a few people about it, so we had better show you something. As such this post will simply highlight a few of the projects we’ve worked on this year and serve as a place holder until we have actually written a few articles about the various projects.

The Kitchen. This is the project that has taken the most of our home improvement time. As you’ll see from the before and after, we had very little to work with so we got rid of everything and started from scratch. So we took down the old cabinets (we’ve re-purposed them for the garage and laundry room), knocked out the wall between the kitchen and dining room as well as the wall separating the kitchen from the stairwell, built a pantry (that slopes up over the stairs), laid tile, hired out cabinets, bought and installed appliances, built a railing and handrail, and have nearly completed our kitchen island (a re-purposed drawing cabinet). Natalie did most of the work herself although we certainly had friends come in to give us pointers, lend us tools, etc.

The Yard.  This one has been more Tyler’s baby (and escape).  In our first year or so I’ve cut down 4 tree (cut down two myself and hired out the other two); cut down, cleared out, and mulched up a fence-line of lilac bush/trees and tree shoots; patched the lawn and planted a ton of new grass seed, built a fire pit, installed a 50 gallon water barrel, and started work on a shade garden.

The Basement.  Frame exterior walls, frame Eli’s bedroom and walk-in closet, frame music room and walk-in closet, pull out siding from rec room and re-purpose in stairwell, hang drywall in rec room, rewire throughout.  Next up: add base cabinets on each side of fireplace and build custom bookshelves on top of them.